Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

1.2 Personal Information and Data
The use of some functions or third-party applications on your device
could result in your personal information and data being lost or
becoming accessible to others. Several measures are recommended to
help you protect personal and confidential information.
• Place your device in a safe area to prevent it from unauthorized use.
• Set your device screen to lock and create a password or unlock
pattern to open it.
• Periodically back up personal information kept on your memory card,
or stored in your device memory. If you change to a different device,
be sure to move or delete any personal information on your old
• If you are worried about viruses when you receive messages or
emails from a stranger, you can delete them without opening them.
• If you use your device to browse the Internet, avoid websites that
might pose a security risk to avoid theft of your personal information.
• If you use services such as Bluetooth, set passwords for these services to prevent
unauthorized access. When these services are not in use, turn them off.
• Install or upgrade device security software and regularly scan for viruses.
• Be sure to obtain third-party applications from a legitimate source.
Downloaded third-party applications should be scanned for viruses.
• Install security software or patches released by Huawei or third-party
application providers.
• Some applications require and transmit location information. As a
result, a third-party may be able to share your location information.
• Your device may provide detection and diagnostic information to
third-party application providers. Third party vendors use this
information to improve their products and services.
• If you have concerns about the security of your personal information
and data, please contact