Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

9.3 Listening to the FM Radio
The FM radio lets you listen to FM radio programs on your mobile
phone. Since the FM radio uses the provided wired stereo headset as
its antenna, before opening the application, connect the headset to your
phone's the audio jack.
9.3.1 Opening the FM Radio
1. On the Home screen, touch
FM Radio
to open the application.
2. The first time you open FM radio, touch
Auto tuning
, which
automatically scans for available FM channels, saves them as
presets, and plays the first FM channel found.
9.3.2 Tuning the FM Radio
Open the
FM Radio
application, and then do the following:
• Touch or to tune the radio to the previous or next channel.
• Slide the knob left or right to perform precision tuning. When a
channel is found, touch , then
Save station
. Enter the channel
name, touch
, and then select an empty channel to save the new
channel to the channel list.
• Touch
Auto tuning
to scan automatically for available FM
10 Google™ Services
Availability of Google applications, services, and features may vary
according to your country or carrier. Please follow local laws and
regulations to use them.
When you turn on your mobile phone for the first time, touch a Google
services such as
™, or
Play Store
, and you will be prompted
to sign in to your Google account.