Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

4.11 Sending Contacts
You can send contact information as a .vcf file via Bluetooth or Email.
1. Select a contact from the contacts list.
2. Touch
3. Select your preferred method to send the contacts you have selected,
for example Bluetooth or Email.
5 Text Input
5.1 Displaying the Keyboard
To enter text, use the onscreen keyboard. The keyboard is displayed
automatically when you run certain applications. If not, touch a text field
to open the keyboard.
Touch to hide the keyboard.
5.2 Choosing an Input Method
1. When the keyboard is displayed, the keyboard icon is shown on the
notification bar. Flick the notification bar downwards to open the
notification panel.
2. Touch
Select input method
3. Select the desired input method.
You can also change the default input method. To do so, touch
Language & input
on the Home screen, and then select
an input method.