Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

13.7.3 Moving an Application to the microSD™ Card
Some applications are designed to be stored on your phone's USB
storage or microSD card (depending on the model of your phone),
rather than in its internal storage. Others are designed so you can
change where they are stored. You may find it helpful to move large
applications off your internal storage, to make more room for other
applications that do not offer the option.
1. On the
screen, touch
2. Touch an application in the list. Then touch
Move to SD card
to move
the bulk of the application from the phone's internal storage.
Move to phone
section of the application's details screen shows
details about the memory used by the application. If the application can
be moved, the
Move to SD card
button is active.
Move to phone
to move the application back to the phone's
internal storage.
13.7.4 Ways to Free Up Your Mobile Phone Memory
• Move files and email attachments to the microSD card.
• In
, clear all temporary Internet files and Browser history
• Move applications to the microSD card.
• Uninstall any downloaded programs that you no longer use.
• Reset your mobile phone.
13.8 Resetting Your Mobile Phone
13.8.1 Backing Up My Data
You can use your Google account to back up your mobile phone's
settings to Google servers. If you replace your mobile phone, the
settings you have backed up will be transferred to the new mobile phone
the first time you sign in to your Google account.
1. On the
screen, touch
Backup & reset
2. Select the
Back up my data
check box.