Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

3.2.2 Ending a Call
During a call, touch to hang up.
3.2.3 Rejecting an Incoming Call
Drag to the left to reject the call.
You can also drag to the message icon to reject the call and
send a message to the caller.
3.3 Other Operations During a Call
3.3.1 Making a Conference Call
If you receive a new call while you are already in a call, you can add the
second call to the call you are in. This feature is known as conference
calling. You can also set up a conference call with multiple callers.
Contact your network operator to ask if conference calls are
supported and, if yes, how many parties can participate.
1. To initiate a conference call, dial the number of the first participant.
After you have connected to the first participant, keep the connection
open, touch .
2. Enter the phone number of the next person you want to invite for the
conversation and touch , or select someone from your or