Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Changing Your Settings 105
My Devices
My Devices
option provides a list of Bluetooth wireless technology devices
discovered by your handset.
1. In Idle mode, press
Settings ConnectivityBluetooth
My Devices.
2. Highlight Search New Device and press the Select soft key or the key.
– or –
Highlight a device and press the Select soft key or the
3. Enter the passkey (if applicable).
If connecting to a Bluetooth wireless device, consult your Bluetooth device
user manual for your assigned PIN.
If connecting to another handset, enter the same user-defined PIN on both
handsets. If the device allows Auto pairing, it will attempt to pair with the
device automatically.
4. If necessary, highlight the
Connection Options
field and use the
Navigation key to select
(reconnects automatically), or
Always Ask
(asks before reconnecting) and press the
soft key.
The first time you try to pair with a handset, you and the owner of the other handset must
enter the same Passkey. Once the handsets are paired, you do not need to use the Passkey
5. If you are unable to pair with the device a popup displays on the screen. Press
the Yes soft key to retry.