Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Before a new model phone is available for sale to the public, it must be tested and
certified to the FCC that it does not exceed the SAR limit established by the FCC.
Tests for each model phone are performed in positions and locations (e.g. at the ear
and worn on the body) as required by the FCC. For body-worn operation, this phone
has been tested and meets FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with an
accessory that contains no metal and that positions the mobile device a minimum
of 1.5cm from the body.
Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure
guidelines. The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this mobile phone
with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance with the FCC RF exposure
guidelines.. The maximum SAR values for this model phone as reported to the FCC
Head: 1.57 W/kg.
Body-worn: 0.62 W/kg.
SAR information on this and other model phones can be accessed online on the
FCC's website through
. To find information
that pertains to a particular model phone, this site uses the phone FCC ID number
which is usually printed somewhere on the case of the phone. Sometimes it may be
necessary to remove the battery pack to find the number. Once you have the FCC ID
number for a particular phone, follow the instructions on the website and it should
provide values for typical or maximum SAR for a particular phone. Additional SAR
information can also be obtained at
FCC Part 15 Information to User
Pursuant to part 15.21 of the FCC Rules, you are cautioned that changes or
modifications not expressly approved by Samsung could void your authority to
operate the device.