Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Entering Text 35
Changing the Text Input Mode
The available Text Input modes are:
T9 Predictive Text
Symbols (Sym)
. Refer to the Text Input mode in the upper right corner of the screen
to identify the mode.
T9 Predictive Text
: allows your keystrokes to be interpreted according to a built-in
dictionary in the phone to determine the likely word.
: activates the default alphabet keys.
: activates the number keys.
: displays the symbols table.
Using Abc Mode
To change the Text Input mode, follow these steps:
1. Press once, twice, three, or four times to change the text input mode to
Abc, ABC, 123, or abc.
2. Enter the desired text.
Using SYM (symbol) Mode
Symbol mode enables you to insert symbols and punctuation marks into text.
1. Press the key to display a matrix of symbols. Use the arrow keys to
display more tables.
2. Select the number of the corresponding symbol and press the
soft key to
insert the symbol into the text message.
3. Continue until you are finished composing your message.