Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Applications 79
Contacts List Voice Activation
On startup, Nuance Voice Recognition software reads your Contacts list and voice-
activates all the names.
When you add or change contacts, the software automatically reloads and voice-
activates the list when you add or modify a contact.
Record Audio
Record Audio allows you to record voice memos. It also allows you to send your
audio clip to other people as an attachment of an MMS message. Recording time
will vary based on the available memory within the phone.
1. Press
Record Audio.
2. To start recording, press . Record a memo by speaking into the
3. During the recording process you can either press
to stop the recording
to temporarily halt the recording. Once the audio recording has
stopped, the message is automatically saved.
4. Once stopped, press
to choose from one of the following options:
: allows you to play the memo.
: allows you to save the current memo and begin another session.
My Voice Clips
: allows you to listen to your audio clips.
Record Audio Settings
: allows you to set the Output Format (amr or mp3), Save Output
to (Phone or Memory Card) and Set the Unlimited Recording option (On or Off).
Send via
: allows you to send your voice clip to other people using either a Message,
Email, Exchange Email, or to a compatible Bluetooth device.
•Set as
: allows you to set the current memo as a Call Ringtone, a Caller Ringtone for a
specific entry or an Alarm Tone.
: allows you to delete the current memo.