Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Section 6: Managing Your Contacts
This section describes how to store names and numbers in your Contacts.
Contacts Settings
1. Press
Contacts Settings
2. Press any of the following options to activate a function:
My Business Card
: creates and attaches a virtual business card as an attachment to
outgoing messages. For more information, see
“Attaching Business Card to a
on page 40.
Save New Contacts to
: defines the destination for new contact entries (Phone Memory,
SIM Card, or Always Ask).
View Contacts from
: to filter the display of current Contacts entries. Options include:
All, Phone Memory, or SIM Memory.
Own Number
: to display your current phone number (page 53).
FDN Contacts
: assigns phone numbers as FDN entries (page 53).
•Used Space
: displays the memory storage allocation (total available and remaining) within
your Phone, SIM card, Additional No. 1, and FDN Contacts.
Adding a New Contact
Use the following procedure to store a new contact to your Contacts list. New
contacts are stored on your phone by default.