Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

While the
Say a Command
screen displays, you can select from these
two options:
: provides examples of how to use the voice commands.
: lists the settings for voice command software such as: Confirmation,
Adaptation, Audio Modes, Speakerphone, and About.
If the phone does not recognize your command, the
Command not recognized
screen displays with two options:
: provides instructions on how to use voice commands.
press and try the command options again.
Speak clearly when giving your command. There is no need for you to speak slowly
or with added emphasis. The voice recognition software has been optimized to
understand your speech in its natural form. If it does not recognize your command
after a few seconds, a voice prompt asks you to repeat the command. If it does not
recognize your command again, the following message displays “Sorry, no match
found,” and voice recognition turns off.
You must end your current Voice Commands call before you can make another call
using Voice Commands. You can only originate the first call in a 3-way call using
Voice Commands.
Voice Recognition Tips
Wait for the tone before you speak.
Speak clearly and at a normal volume.
There is no need to use paused speech. The voice recognition software has been trained to
recognize natural speech, and performs best when you speak naturally.
In very noise environments, it may be helpful to use a headset or a Bluetooth headset.