Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Call Functions 25
Correcting an Entered Number
Use the following steps to correct a character entered incorrectly.
1. After entering a number using the keypad:
If you make a mistake, press
to erase a single character.
Press and hold
to erase the entire string of numbers.
2. Press to return to the Idle screen.
Ending a Call
Press the key.
Using the Volume Keys
During a call, use the Volume keys on the left side of the phone to increase or
decrease the earpiece volume.
In Idle mode, use the Volume keys to adjust the ringer volume.
Press one of the volume keys to immediately silence the tone of an incoming call or
Making a Call Using Speed Dial
You can assign a shortcut number to a phone number for speed dialing.
1. Press
Speed Dial List
. The
Speed Dial List
screen displays
showing the numbers 1 through 9. The number 1 is reserved for Voice Mail.
2. Highlight an unused number and press
3. Select
Address Book
FDN Contacts
4. Highlight a contact to assign to the number and press
or the key.
5. To make a call using the Speed Dial feature from the Idle screen, press and
hold the speed dial number. The phone number assigned will automatically be