Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Call Functions 29
Recent Calls
The phone stores the numbers of the calls you’ve dialed, received, or missed in the
Recent Calls menu.
1. From the Idle Screen, press .
2. Press the
Navigation key to display
All calls
Missed calls
, or
Calls Received
3. Press to dial a highlighted number.
Viewing All Calls
1. From the Idle Screen, press to view All Calls in the Recent Calls.
2. Scroll through the list of All Calls. As a call highlights, the details display.
Press to dial the number of the call you are viewing.
3. Highlight a call and press the
soft key to view the following options:
: allows you to view the caller’s name, phone number, time and date called as well
as the length of the call.
: allows you to automatically dial the selected number.
Save to Contacts
: allows you to save the number to your Address Book on either the
phone or SIM card. This option only displays if the number is not already in your Address
Send Message
: allows you to sent a text or Multimedia message to the caller.
: allows you to delete a selected call or all calls.
View contact details
: allows you to view the contact’s Address Book information. This
option only appears if the contact is in your address book.