Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Accessing the Video Folder
1. Press
My Folder
2. Highlight the
On phone
On card
tab (wherever the video resides) and select
a video from the list.
3. Press to view the video.
– or –
Before you play the video press
and select one of the following:
: plays the selected video file.
Send via
: allows you to send the video via Multimedia Message, Email, Exchange Email,
or via Bluetooth.
: allows you to delete the Selected video or Multiple videos.
: allows you to rename the video file.
: allows you to choose the Selected or Multiple videos to move.
: allows you to copy a selected or multiple videos.
Record Video
: allows you to record another video.
Create Folder
: creates a new My Folder on either the Phone or Memory Card.
: displays the following additional options:
: allows you to lock the selected video file(s).
Bluetooth Visibility
: allows you to select a video file or multiple files to have Bluetooth
Sort by
: allows you to sort your videos by Date, Type, Name, or Size.
: allows you to see the details of your video including Name, Format, Resolution, Size,
Forwarding capability, Date created, and physical Location.