Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Understanding Your Phone 23
Press the key to access Inbox.
Go to Menu
Go to menu allows you to access applications from the idle screen without
navigating through the main menu icons and sub menus. There are twelve available
shortcuts, nine preassigned (Email, Inbox, Create Message, Games&Apps, Music,
Bluetooth, Alarms, Recent Calls, and Airplane Mode), and three empty shortcuts you
can assign (10, 11, and 12).
To enter 10 for My Menu, enter a 0. To enter 11, enter an asterisk (*). To enter 12, enter the
pound sign (#).
To navigate Go to menu:
1. In Idle mode, press the Go to key ( ), and highlight a shortcut.
2. Press the key to access the selected option.
– or –
Press the
soft key. The following options are available, depending on
whether or not the selected shortcut has been assigned:
Options for assigned shortcuts:
: open the selected shortcut and displays the submenus, launches the selected
application, or displays a screen.
: changes the currently selected shortcut and assigns another shortcut to this
: removes the selected shortcut from this field.
•Remove all
: removes all the shortcuts from the fields in this menu.
Options for unassigned shortcuts:
: allows you to choose from a list of applications to assign to the shortcut key.
•Remove all
: removes all the shortcuts from the fields in this menu.