Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Press the Camera key or key until the shutter sounds. The picture
automatically stores within your designated storage location. If no microSD is
installed, all pictures are stored on the Phone.
5. Press to return to Idle mode.
Camera Options
Options are represented by icons across the top of the screen when you press the
soft key.
: allows you to change between various modes. Once you change the
mode, the corresponding indicator displays at the top left of the display. Choose from
Camera or Camcorder.
Shooting mode
: allows you to set the shooting mode. Options are:
: takes a single photo and view it before returning to the shooting mode.
: takes a succession of consecutive photos.
: allows you to take a panoramic photo by taking an initial photo, and then adding
additional images to the original photo. The guide box lets you view the area where the next
part of the panoramic picture will appear by highlighting that area in orange. If you move the
camera icon to the center of the box on the display, the box turns orange and the picture is
automatically taken. Repeat this step for up to 6 segments. When you are done, press the
Camera key.
Smile shot
: takes the picture when the subject smiles.
: takes multiple photos and then groups them together into a single final photo.
: allows you to choose a custom frame border for your image. Choose from one of the
20 available frames. Press
to assign the frame.
Night Mode
: allows you to take better pictures at night. Select
On or Off.
Camera Resolution
: allows you to set the image size: 2M(1600x1200), 1.3M(1280x960),
0.3M(640x480), or 320x240.
White Balance
: allows you to set this option from the following choices: Auto,
Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, or Cloudy.