Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

The keys are labelled with the alphabet on the lower half and numbers and symbols
on the upper half. Press the key corresponding to the character you want to enter.
To switch between using the upper case characters and lower case characters,
press . You can move the cursor by scrolling using the Navigation key.
In addition, you can use the following function keys:
Press to delete characters. Press and hold to
delete all text.
Press to start a new line.
Press twice to select CAP LOCK.
Press again to remove CAP LOCK.
Short press inserts a space.
Double press inserts a period and a space.
Press and hold in Idle mode to set phone to Silent
Press to display the symbols grid.
Press to begin using the alternate characters,
shown in yellow atop a corresponding key. Press
and hold this key to lock the funtion.
This forces all new characters to use alternate