Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Music Options
The Music options menu configures your phone’s music playing options such as
shuffling the music files, looping music files, and adding songs to the playlist.
1. In Idle mode, press
2. Navigate to a music file and press the key. The music file will begin
to play.
3. Press the
soft key and select one of the
following options:
Transfer to Bluetooth stereo headset
: transfers the selected music file to a Bluetooth
stereo headset.
Repeat mode
repeats the currently active song or replays each song in the
current list and as the last song in the list ends, the player replays all of the
songs in the listed order. Select Off, 1, or All.
Shuffle on /off
: allows you to turn shuffle On or Off. When turned on, t
he current list of
songs are randomly shuffled for playback.
Add to Playlist
: adds the currently active song to either a new or current playlist.
Send via
: sends the selected music file in a Message, Email, Exchange Email, via
: displays properties related to the selected song such as: Artist, Title, Format,
Size, Forwarding, Date created, Track length, Genre, Location, Description, and Track
Number. Properties may differ depending on song.
: allows you to set Background playing to on or off, and allows you to set the
Sound effects to Normal, Rock, Pop, Dance, Classic, Jazz, Wide, Dynamic, or Surround.
Sound effects is similar to an Equalizer.
4. Press the
soft key and follow the prompts to set the selected option.