Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Using T9 Predictive Text
The T9 Predictive Text input method is based on a built-in dictionary. A series of
keystrokes is interpreted by the phone using this dictionary to determine the likely
1. Press
Text Mode
T9 Predictive Text
2. Begin entering a word by pressing the 2 to 9 keys. Press each key only once
for each letter. The built-in dictionary lists words that match the entered
3. Example: To enter “Hello”, press
, , , ,
The word that you are typing displays on the screen. The word changes as
you press additional keys.
4. Enter the whole word before editing or deleting the keystrokes.
5. When the word displays correctly, go to step 6.
If the word doesn’t display correctly, press the navigation key up/down to
display alternative word choices.
6. Insert a space by pressing the key and start entering the next word.