Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

My Bluetooth Info
My Bluetooth Info
feature allows your phone to identify itself using the name,
the Device Address and Hardware and Software Version, entered into the fields
when your phone’s Bluetooth visibility is turned On. The information is altered by
selecting the pre-existing text and replacing it with a new string.
1. In Idle mode, press
Settings Connectivity Bluetooth My
Bluetooth Info.
2. Press the key to erase the previous Device Name.
The default input entry method is Abc, where the initial character is Uppercase and each
consecutive character in that same word is left as lowercase text.
3. Press the
soft key when you are finished.
Search for New Device
This option allows you to search for new Bluetooth devices.
1. In Idle mode, press
Settings ConnectivityBluetooth
Search New Device. The phone searches for available devices.
2. Highlight a device and press the Select soft key or the key.
3. Enter the passkey.
4. Select a connection option and press the
soft key.