Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

In Idle mode, press
2. Select a category and press the key.
3. Highlight a song to play and press the key.
4. To minimize the Music application, press the key.
5. Navigate the playback options by using both the Navigation key and .
Scroll over the Navigation key (to the right) to highlight the
and press .
To temporarily stop the music, scroll over the Navigation key to select Pause (and
press .
Use the navigation key to highlight the Fast Forward and press to advance to
the next song.
6. While playing the music in Idle mode, you can exit the Music player by
pressing the key.
After the Music Player enables, you can listen to music in the background while
performing other phone functions.
When finished using the Music player function, press the key twice to stop the
function and prevent unnecessary battery drain. Pausing the player continues to use
the battery.