Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

: Allows you to temporarily access your calendar while still maintaining the
active call.
: Allows you to access Notes.
: Sends DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones to the contacts you have
selected. These DTMF tones are sent as a group. The DTMF tones are the tones used in
phones for tone dialling, sounding when you press the number keys. This option is helpful for
entering a password or an account number when you call an automated system, like a
banking service.
End call
: Allows you to end the active call.
Using the Speakerphone During an Active Call
While in an active call, it is possible to enable the speakerphone feature.
1. Dial the number and press .
2. Press to activate the speakerphone.
3. Press the
keys (located on the left side of your phone) to adjust the
Switching off the Microphone (Mute)
You can temporarily switch your phone microphone off, so that the other person
cannot hear you.
To switch the microphone off temporarily during a call:
1. Press Mute. The option is replaced with Unmute.
2. Press Unmute to deactivate the Mute function and reactivate the