Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Applications 77
For detailed information regarding the use of our phone camera, see“Camera” on
page 113.
Voice Services
The Voice Services application provides the Nuance Voice Recognition software,
an advanced speech recognition software used to activate a variety of functions
on your phone. To access the Voice Services menu, press
Voice Services
Voice Recognition
Nuance Voice Recognition software is an advanced speech recognition software
used to activate a wide variety of functions on your phone. Nuance software
automatically voice activates (up to 1,000 contacts) for voice dialing and searching.
No pre-recording or training needed. Speak a contact name naturally to dial, and
use your voice to look up contacts, launch applications and navigate phone menus.
1. Press
Tools Voice Services. At the voice prompt,
Say a
, you can make your selection from the following list of available
Call <Name or #>
: dials a name or number listed in your contact list. If multiple
numbers exist (i.e. home, work, or other) say the name and the number type (location).
Send Message <Name or #>
: displays the Create Text Message screen.
Lookup <Name>
: allows you use a voice command to locate and display contact
information stored in the Contacts list.
Go To <App>
: accesses all the features of your phone if they are activated, such as:
Voice mail, Contacts, Ringtones, Calendar, Tasks, and Browser.
Check <Item>
: lets you check your phone's status in the same report (Status,
Messages, Missed Calls, Time, Signal strength, Network, Battery, My Phone Number, and