Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Entering Text 37
Add a New Word into the T9 Dictionary
1. After pressing the keys corresponding to the word you want to add, you can
search for the word by using the touchpad (up/down).
2. When the last alternative word displays, Spell displays. Press the Spell soft
3. Enter the word you want to add using the ABC mode.
4. Press the Add soft key or the key.
The word is added to the T9 dictionary and becomes the first word for the
associated keypress series.
This feature may not be available for some languages.
To enter alternate text such as periods, hyphens, colons, or parenthesis, press
then press the corresponding key containing the character.
T9 mode applies grammar rules to ensure that correct punctuation is used.
To shift case in T9 mode, short press the key to toggle between, Initial capital, Capital
lock, Lower case, and Numeric.
You can move the cursor by using the
Navigation keys. To delete letters,
press the key. Press and hold the key to clear the display.