Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Pictures/Videos Folder Options
After you have taken a photo or shot a video, you can access various options:
and select one of the following:
Take another/Record another
: allows you to take another photo or record another
: allows you to play the video (this option only appears in camcorder).
Send via
: allows you to send the photo or video via Message, Email, Exchange Email, or
via Bluetooth.
Print via Bluetooth
: allows you to print the picture to a Bluetooth compatible printer (this
option only appears in Camera).
: allows you to delete the picture or video.
•Set as
: allows you to set the photo as Wallpaper or Caller ID (this option only appears
in Camera).
: allows you to edit the picture (this option only appears in Camera).
: rotates the photo in 90 degree increments (this option only appears in Camera).
Slide Show
: allows you to see a slide show of the recent pictures you have taken.
: displays properties of the picture or video, including Name, Format,
Resolution, Size, Forwarding, Date Created, and Location.
Accessing the Picture Folder
1. Press
My Folder
2. Highlight a photo and press to open it in the viewer.
Editing a Photo
For information on editing a photo, see “Editing Images” on page 68.