Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Locking and Unlocking the Screen
1. To lock the phone screen, press and hold .
2. To unlock the phone screen, press the
soft key and then press the
soft key.
The Auto Key Lock feature automatically locks the screen when the screen times out. To
change the default setting, press
Auto Key Lock
Setting Up Your Voice Mail
1. In Idle mode, press and hold . You may be prompted to enter a password.
2. Follow the tutorial to create a password, record a greeting, and record
your name.
These steps may be different depending on your network.
Accessing Your Voice Mail
1. In Idle mode, press and hold .
2. When connected, follow the voice prompts from the voice mail center.
Accessing Your Voice Mail From Another Phone
1. Dial your wireless phone number.
2. When you hear your voicemail greeting, press the asterisk key (*).
3. Enter your passcode using the keypad.