Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Applications 75
Using Playlists
Playlists are used to assign songs to a list of preferred media which can then be
grouped into a list for later playback. These Playlists can be created via either the
handset’s Music player options menu or from within a 3rd party music application
(such as Windows Media Player) and then downloaded to the handset.
Creating a Playlist
1. In Idle mode, press
Library Playlists Create playlist.
2. Enter a playlist name in the
Enter Name
field and press the
soft key.
3. Select
All Tracks
and press the
soft key or the key.
4. Select a song or
from the list and press the to place a check mark next
to the song.
5. Press the
soft key.
6. To continue creating the playlist, highlight the playlist you just created, press
Add Tracks
to continue adding music from your phone or memory
7. Press the key to return to Idle mode.