Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Applications 73
Playing Music Transferred to the Handset
1. In Idle mode, press
2. Use the Up or Down Navigation key to select the song you want to listen to
and press the key.
Playing Music through a Stereo Bluetooth Device
Your device supports the Stereo Bluetooth profile that when synchronized to a
stereo Bluetooth headset plays music in stereo.
1. Pair your handset to a stereo Bluetooth device.
2. In Idle mode, press
3. Select a song and press the key to play the song.
Playing Music while Using the Phone
The Music application allows you to play music in the background while performing
other tasks on your phone. The music pauses when an incoming call is accepted,
and the music resumes when the call ends. Music continues to play when you
receive a Text Message, Multimedia Message, or an Instant Message.
The other functions you can use are:
: make or receive a call (music player is paused)
: send or receive a text or multimedia message. Music continues to play unless
an audio clip is received as a part of a multimedia message.
Mobile Web
: browse the web (music continues to play).
: lets you play games while listening to music.
Playing music and pausing the music player uses the same amount of battery.