Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Camera 115
: allows you to set how the camera measures or meters the light source: Matrix,
Center-weighted, or Spot.
: allows you to change the color tone or apply special effects to the photo or
video. Options include: None, Black and white, Sepia, Negative, or Watercolor.
: allows you to customize your camera settings. Choose from the following options:
Settings: Photo tab
: allows you to set the image quality to: Economy, Fine, or Superfine.
Settings: Setup tab
Review screen
: allows you to review a photo after taking it.
Shutter sound
: allows you to select a tone to play when the camera’s shutter opens and
closes. Sound selections are Shutter or None.
Default storage:
allows you to configure the default storage location for images/videos as
either Phone or Memory Card (if inserted).
: allows you to see the shortcuts available for several of the settings. 1=Mode,
2=Shooting mode, 3=Timer, #=Viewfinder mode.