Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

Verify that the handset battery is installed prior to connection. If the battery is not
properly installed and the wall charger is connected, the handset may power off and
on continuously, preventing proper operation.
1. Plug the data cable into the base piece provided and into the Power/
Accessory Interface connector on your phone.
2. Plug the base piece into a standard AC wall outlet.
3. When the battery is fully charged, the phone displays a message telling you
the battery is full. Remove the connector from the phone.
Failure to unplug the wall charger before you remove the battery, can cause damage to the
If your device has a touch screen display, please note that a touch-screen responds best
to a light touch from the pad of your finger or a non-metallic stylus. Using excessive
force or a metallic object when pressing on the touch screen may damage the tempered
glass surface and void the warranty.
Low Battery Indicator
When the battery is weak and only a few minutes of talk time remain, the battery
icon ( ) blinks and the device sounds a warning tone at regular intervals. In
this condition, your phone conserves its remaining battery power by reducing the
backlight’s brightness and entering a dimming mode. For a quick check of your
battery level, glance at the battery charge indicator located in the upper-right
corner of your device’s display. Five bars ( ) indicate a full charge.
When the battery level becomes too low, the phone automatically turns off.