Samsung S390G Cell Phone User Manual

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. Depending on the image type the following options may be
: activates Zoom mode so you can use the Left or Right soft keys to Zoom in or
Zoom out.
Send via
: allows you to send a picture via Multimedia message, Email, Exchange Email,
or via Bluetooth.
•Set as
: allows you to assign the current image as either your current Wallpaper, or as a
Caller ID image used by a specific entry in the Address Book.
: allows you to delete the image.
: allows you to rename the image.
•Edit image
: allows you to edit the image.
Bluetooth visibility
: allows you to make the image file visible to a Bluetooth device.
Slide show
: allows you play a slideshow using the graphics currently available from within
the Pictures folder.
Print via Bluetooth
: allows you to print via Bluetooth to a compatible connected printer.
: allows you to lock/unlock the image file. Lock prevents the image file from deletion.
Unlock allows deletion.
: allows you to view the properties of an image.
Editing is only available for unlocked images or non DRM images.