Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Call Functions 18
Viewing the Calls
During a call you can touch the
icon to view
Missed calls
Outgoing calls
, or
Incoming calls
. This feature
might be useful if during a call you want to join another contact to a multiparty call.
1. Touch the
icon to view the call history
2. Touch the
key to return to the In call screen.
Placing a Call on Hold
You can place the current call on hold whenever you want. If your network supports this service, you can also make
another call while a call is in progress.
To place a call on hold:
1. Touch
to place the current call on hold.
2. Touch
to activate the call that is on hold.
To make a new call while a call is in progress:
3. Enter the new phone number that you wish to dial or look it up in Calls.
4. Touch
to place the first caller on hold.
5. Touch
New call
to dial the second call.
6. Dial the new phone number and press .
To switch between the two calls:
7. Touch
. The In call number is now on hold and displays on the
On hold
tab, while the On hold number
displays on the
In call
More In-call Options
During a call, you can save the current caller’s information to Contacts, Send a message, activate Automatic screen
lock, or create a memo.
Save to Contacts
To save the caller information to Contacts:
1. Touch
Save in Contacts