Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Web 88
Section 10: Web
This section outlines the web features available on your phone.
Accessing the Web
Your phone is equipped with a browser that provides wireless connectivity and access to the Web using your phone.
Touch the Web icon on the main display to launch the web.
To access the web browser via the menu, follow these steps:
1. From the Home screen, press then touch Web Home.
– or –
From the Home screen, touch the
icon (on the bottom of the screen).
– or –
From the Home screen, open the Widget bar then touch the
The following options are available:
to select this menu. You connect to the network and the web homepage loads.
The content of the web startup homepage depends on your service provider.
To go to the startup homepage from any other screen in the web browser, touch the Home icon. For more information
on the web menus, see “Selecting and Using Menu Options” on page 89.
Exiting the Web
Simply press to exit the browser at any time.
Navigating the Web
1. Scroll or flick the screen to view the browser items. For more information, refer to “Menu Navigation” on
page 25.
2. Touch
at the top of the screen and then touch a link in the browser to view it.