Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Web 90
This menu displays a collection of up to 100 URL direct links (URL addresses) to predefined web pages stored in your
web browser.
To store a URL address:
1. Touch
2. Touch
3. Enter a URL in the URL field.
4. Enter a name for to describe this URL in the
For further details about how to enter characters, see “Entering Text” on page 32.
5. Touch
Bookmarks options
After creating a bookmark, you can view it, delete it, or send the URL via message or to a Bluetooth enabled device.
1. Touch
. The following options are available:
: allows you to manually enter the URL address of a web site that you want to access.
: allows you to delete one or several bookmarks.
Go to homepage
: navigates to the Home page.
Send URL via
: a lows you to send the selected URL as a Message, Exchange email, or to a Bluetooth enabled device.
Add Current
: allows you to add the current web page as a bookmark.
Set as homepage
: sets the current web page as your homepage.
: redisplays the previous screen.
Browser Settings
Various settings are available when you are using the web browser to navigate the wireless web.
From the Home screen, press then touch Web Settings.