Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Message Composer
: This menu displays the screen where you can start composing a message.
Games and apps
: Provides access to Games and Apps and other applications so you can download
additional games.
Touch the
Games and Apps
widget to launch the Games and Apps menu.
: Provides access to voice mail.
Widget Memo 1, 2, 3
: Displays an empty memo.
Digital clock: Displays the time in the form of a digital clock.
Analog clock: Displays the current time in the form of an analog clock.
Dual clock: Displays the time in both digital and analog styles.
Birthday: View your contact’s birthdays.
Voice Recorder: Displays the voice recording screen where you can record a new voice clip.
Calculator: Displays the calculator.
YouTube: Provides access to YouTube.
Facebook: Provides access to Facebook.
MySpace: Provides access to MySpace.