Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Incoming calls
This menu lets you view the 30 most recent calls you received. The name and number, if already stored in your
Contacts List, displays.
Accessing Call Log Messages
After you select a category of calls from the All calls drop down you can view Missed calls, Received, and Sent
messages for a selected number.
1. From the Home screen, press then touch
2. Touch the
drop down and select one of the categories.
3. Touch one of the numbers in the list.
4. Touch the navigation keys at the top to display
Missed calls
Outgoing calls
Received msg
., or
Sent msg
5. Touch
Contact details
to view the details for this contact. If you do not have the number saved as a contact, you
can touch
Save in contacts
6. Touch
Copy to dialing screen
to display the number on the Dialer screen and call this contact.
7. Press to exit the screen.
Touching this key allows you to delete the records in each call record separately, or you can delete all of your call
records at one time.
1. Touch
2. Touch the check box beside the number in the
list to delete or select the
Select all
check box and touch
. The selected number or all the numbers are deleted, and the list redisplays.
Select all
is selected, the list redisplays but it is empty.
Making a Multi-Party Call
A multi-party call is a network service that allows up to six people to participate in a multi-party or conference call.