Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Contacts 42
Touch the field to edit, enter or select the new information and touch
when you are finished.
Dialing a Number from the SIM Card
1. From the Home screen, touch
2. Enter the location number for the phone number you want to dial and press .
The entry associated with the location number displays.
3. If you do not know the location number, press a location number (for example, the number 2), then touch
. The number assigned to this location displays.
4. Touch the
icon (to the right of the number) and then select
Deleting all of the Contacts Entries
You can delete all your entries from your phone’s memory, SIM card, or All.
Once Contacts List entries are deleted, they cannot be recovered.
1. From the Home screen, touch
2. Touch Delete.
3. Touch Select all or touch the check box beside each entry you want to delete and touch Delete. The selected
entry or all of the Contact entries are deleted.
Speed Dialing
Once you have stored phone numbers from your Contacts List, you can set up to 18 speed dial entries and then dial
them easily whenever you want, simply by touching the associated numeric key. In phone mode, to speed dial the
numbers assigned to keys (2 to 18), touch and hold the appropriate key.
Setting Up Speed Dial Entries
1. From the Home screen, touch
. Your contacts list displays.
2. From the drop-down list select
Speed dial
3. Touch the keypad number key to where you wish to assign the new speed-dialing number (keys 2 through 9).
The contacts list displays.