Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Entering Text 36
To enter periods, hyphens, and other special characters, touch
and then touch the corresponding key. If the symbol
does not display on the initial screen, touch the left or right key to display the next set of symbols. Touch
return to the T9Ab input mode.
To shift case in T9 mode, touch
and then touch the desired letter on the keypad. There are 3 cases: Initial capital, Capital
lock, and Lower case.
You can move the cursor by touching the screen. To delete letters, touch the key. To clear the display, touch and hold the
Using ABC Mode
To use ABC mode, use the 2 to 9 keys to enter your text.
Touch the key labeled with the letter you want:
Once for the first letter, twice for the second letter, and so on.
Using Numeric
The Numeric mode enables you to enter numbers into a text message.
Touch the keys corresponding to the digits you want to enter.
Using Symbols
Symbol mode enables you to insert symbols and punctuation marks into text. To display a list of symbols touch
(Portrait mode).
To enter symbols in Portrait mode:
1. To select a symbol, touch
2. Touch the left or right arrow keys to display more symbols.
To enter symbols in Landscape mode:
1. Press the
and touch the symbol on the key that displays the symbol you need.
2. To delete symbols, touch . Touch and hold to clear the display.
Using Emoticons
1. Press the
and touch the emoticon on the screen that you need.
2. To delete emoticons, touch . Touch and hold to clear the display.