Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

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For further details about entering characters, see “Using T9 Mode” on page 35. For more information about entering characters,
see “Using ABC Mode” on page 36. You can enter up to 2000 standard Alphabet characters per page in your message. The
message can be up to 20 pages long or a total of 2000 characters per page.
When your text message exceeds 160 characters, a page is automatically added. If you add a page using the
feature, the message type automatically changes to a Picture message.
4. Touch
and select from the following:
Text template
: allows you to select a Text Template to attach to this message.
Insert from contacts
: allows you to select a contact profile from Contacts.
: allows you to select a URL to attach to this message.
5. Touch Send to.
6. Select one of the following from the
Send to
menu and touch
when you are finished.
Recent recipients
: allows you to select a number or an address from the last 20 destinations you entered.
: allows you to enter the phone number you want from your Contacts List.
Create New Message Create New Message
Portrait Keypad Landscape (QWERTY) Keyboard