Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

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4. To return to the startup homepage, touch the Home icon.
Entering Text in the Web
While you are navigating the web you often need to enter text, such as a URL. You can enter alphanumeric characters
by using your phone’s keypad. For more information, refer to “Entering Text” on page 32.
Selecting and Using Menu Options
Various menus are available when you are using the web to navigate the Wireless Web. Touch Menu at the top of the
screen to view the menu options.
The menus may vary, depending on your version of the web browser.
The following options are available:
Enter URL
This menu allows you to manually enter the URL address of a web site that you want to access.
For further details about entering characters, see “Entering Text” on page 32.
Pages backward one page.
Displays options that allow you to access the following options: Go to, Copy URL to Message,
Add to Bookmarks, Google Search, Text search, Settings, and Exit Browser.
Displays a collection of up to 100 URL direct links (URL addresses) to predefined web pages
stored in your web browser.
Reloads the current page.
Allows you to select the page size to view.