Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Readout Mode
: displays text on the screen, then reads it out loud.
The Speakerphone feature allows you to turn voice recognition through the speakerphone On or Off. You can also
automatically connect to the speakerphone if you select Automatic.
The About option displays information about Nuance including the version number, LVR number, build number, and
device number.
Voice List
1. From the Home screen, press then touch
Voice list
2. Select one of the following options:
Create folder
: allows you to create a folder for your voice list.
: allows you to move or copy voice files to another location.
: allows you to delete a selected voice note.
: allows you to change the name of the voice note.
Sort by
: allows you to sort the voice notes by Date, Type, Name, or Size.
Send via Bluetooth
: allows you to send the selected voice note to a Bluetooth enabled device.
Bluetooth visibility
: allows you to enable this voice note so it is visible to other Bluetooth devices.
: allows you to lock the voice note to protect it from deletion, or unlock it to allow deletion.
While listening to the voice note, the following options are available:
Set as
: allows you to save as a Ringtone, an Individual ringtone, or an Alarm tone.
Send via
: allows you to send the voice note via Message or Bluetooth.
: displays the sound Name, Format, Size, Forwarding, Date created, and Location.