Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

The cursor moves to the right when you touch a different key. When entering the same letter twice or a different letter on the same key,
wait for a few seconds for the cursor to automatically move to the right, and then select the next letter.
By default, the first letter of an entry is capitalized and all consecutive letters are kept in lowercase (unless you touch
the Shift key). After entering a character, the cursor automatically advances to the next space after two seconds or
when you enter a character on a different key.
Keys display in two formats: Portrait (keypad) and landscape (QWERTY keyboard). Depending on which format you
are using (Portrait or QWERTY), the keys are associated with different letters and/or characters. Refer to the following
layouts to determine which keys are associated with letters, characters, or symbols.
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Portrait Keypad
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Landscape Keyboard