Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

: allows you to enter the phone number you want from your Contacts List.
New email
: allows you to enter an email address.
New number
: allows you to enter a phone number not already listed in Contacts.
11. The number or address you selected enters in the To field.
12. Touch Send.
Message Inbox
The Message inbox stores received messages. You can tell what kind of message it is by the icon displayed. If the icon
envelope is open, then the message was read; otherwise the icon envelope displays as closed.
The following types of messages may display in your inbox:
When you enter the Message inbox, the list of messages displays with the sender’s phone numbers, or name, if
available in your Contacts list, and the Text message (saved to SIM) icon displayed. After you have read the message,
the envelope in the icon displays as opened.
If the Message inbox is full when a new text message is received, or the SIM card is full, the text message saves to the
phone and the Text message (saved to Phone) icon displays.
From the Home screen, touch Messages Message inbox.
Viewing a Text Message from the Inbox
1. From the Home screen, touch Messages Message inbox.
2. Touch a text message in the list to view the message.
3. Touch More to select from the following:
: allows you to forward the text message to another person.
Voice note Multimedia message
Text message
(saved to SIM)
Push message
Text message
(saved to Phone)