Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

There are three New Messages tabs that display icons:
You can search through missed calls or unviewed messages and select the associated message tab, and then touch
Exit Selection
Text Messages
Short Message Service (SMS) allows you to send and receive short text messages to and from other mobile phones.
The Message icon ( ) displays when you receive a new text message. When the memory is full, the message icon
flashes on your phone and you cannot receive any new messages. You must delete a message before you can
receive additional messages.
Use the
option in each message box to erase obsolete messages.
Create new
In this menu, you can write and send a text message.
Creating a Simple Text Message
1. From the Home screen, touch Messages Create message.
2. Tap the screen to display the keyboard and create your message.
3. Touch Back when you finished entering your message.
Sliding the QWERTY keyboard open displays the
QWERTY keyboard
, while holding the phone in the vertical position displays the
numeric keypad
1. New messages
2. Missed calls
3. Voice mail Message