Samsung 07202010 Cell Phone User Manual

Bluetooth services
Bluetooth specification is actually a protocol that describes how the short-range wireless technology works, whereas
services describe the individual devices that are supported. These services reduce the chance that different devices
To access Bluetooth services:
1. From the Home screen, open the Widget bar then touch the Bluetooth widget.
2. Touch Settings and touch Bluetooth services.
The following information displays:
: used to make incoming and outgoing calls via Bluetooth headsets.
: used to make incoming and outgoing calls via Bluetooth car kits.
Bluetooth stereo headset
: used to make calls and listen to music via Bluetooth stereo headsets.
Serial port
: used to connect to other Bluetooth devices via a virtual serial port.
: used to provide Internet access for Bluetooth devices via the phone’s modem.
Basic printing
: used to print images, text messages, personal data such as namecards and appointments, and so on via remote
Bluetooth printers.
File transfer
: used to transfer files to and from Bluetooth devices.
Object push
: used to exchange personal data (namecards, contacts, and so on) with Bluetooth devices.
SIM access
: used to provide access to a S M card via Bluetooth.