Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Samsung Apps
Samsung Apps allows you to easily download an
abundance of useful applications to your phone and to
keep them updated. Featuring a wealth of games, news,
reference, social networking, widgets, health related
applications, and more, Samsung Apps gives you instant
access to a huge selection of mobile experiences.
Your phone can use the fully optimized applications from
Samsung Apps, which can be automatically updated.
• To launch Samsung Apps, in Idle mode,
Samsung Apps
• To launch widgets, tap and hold the empty area on the idle
screen and select
Samsung Widgets
from the list.
• To launch downloaded applications, in Idle mode,
and then select
the required application.
• To use Samsung Apps, your phone must be connected to the
internet using a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.
You might incur additional charges when accessing
the internet or downloading applications.
Available applications, widgets, and updates might
differ depending on your region.