Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Audible selection: Set the phone to sound when you
select an application or option on the touch screen.
Haptic feedback: Set the phone to vibrate when you
touch the keys.
Vibration intensity: Adjust the vibration intensity of the
haptic feedback.
SD card notifications: Set the phone to sound when a
memory card is recognised.
Font style: Change the font type for the display text. You
can download fonts from Android Market by selecting
Get fonts online.
Orientation: Set whether or not to rotate the content
automatically when the phone is rotated.
Animation: Set the phone to display animation when
you switch between windows.
Brightness: Set the brightness of the display.
Screen timeout: Set the length of time the phone waits
before turning off the display's backlight.
Power saving mode: Activate Power saving mode. In
Power saving mode, the phone saves power by adjusting
the white balance on the display and the brightness level.
TV out: Select a video encoding system for your TV for
proper TV connections. p. 81
Location and Security
Change the settings for securing your phone, and the SIM
card, and GPS functionality.
Use wireless networks: Set the phone to use wireless
networking for checking locations, if supported in an
Use GPS satellites: Enable the GPS functionality for
checking locations, if supported in an application. You
can view locations at street level by using the GPS.
Set unlock pattern: Set an unlock pattern to unlock the
p. 20