Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

getting started with your phone
3. Enter a phone number, including a country code (with
4. Enter the sender’s name.
5. Enter the text message to be sent to the recipients.
6. Select Save Accept.
You can also control the lost phone via the web. Visit to see detailed
information for this feature
Enter Text
You can enter text by selecting characters on the virtual
keypad or by inputting handwriting on the touch screen. You
can enter text and create messages or contacts.
You cannot enter text in some languages. To enter
text, you should change the writing language to one
of the supported languages. p. 100
To change the keyboard type:
You can change the type of keyboard that is used to enter
text. Tap and hold on the text input field, select Input
method, and select a keyboard type (Swype or Samsung
Using the Swype keyboard
To enter text using the Swype keyboard:
1. Select the first character of a word and drag your finger
to the second character without releasing the finger
from the screen. A line joins the selected characters.