Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

2. Select a contact’s name.
3. Select the number that you want to dial.
To use the headset:
By plugging the supplied headset into the phone, you can
make and answer calls:
Answer a call: Press the headset button.
Reject a call: Press and hold the headset button.
Place a call on hold or retrieve a held call during a
call: Press and hold the headset button.
End a call: Press the headset button.
The supplied headset is only designed to be used with
for your
phone and might not be compatible with
other phones and MP3 players.
Use options during a voice call
You can use the following options while a voice call is in
Adjust voice volume: Press the Volume key up or
Place a call on hold: Select .
Retrieve a held call: Select .
Dial a second number: Select Add call and then dial
the new number.
Answer a second call: Slide the Accept icon when the
call waiting tone sounds. The phone prompts you to end
or hold the first call. You must subscribe to a call waiting
service to use this feature.
Open the dialling screen: Select Dialpad.