Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

You can also select to open a list of saved
bookmarks, frequently visited pages, and recent internet
While browsing web pages, you can use the following
Zoom in or out: Double-tap the screen. You can also
use the two finger zoom. Place two fingers on the screen
and slowly pinch or spread them apart to zoom in or out.
[ ] New window: Open a new window.
[ ] Brightness Setting: Adjust the brightness of
the screen. This feature might be unavailable in your
[ ] Windows: View the currently active windows.
You can open multiple pages and switch back and forth
between them.
[ ] Refresh: Reload the current web page.
[ ] Forward: Go to the next page in history.
[ ] More Add bookmark: Bookmark the
current web page.
[ ] More Find on page: Search for text on the
web page.
[ ] More Select text: Select text on the web
page. Highlight the text with your finger. The highlighted
text is copied to the clipboard and you can paste it
[ ] More Page info: View the web page
[ ] More Share page: Send the web address
(URL) of the web page to others.
[ ] More Downloads: View the download
[ ] More Settings: Customise the browser
[ ] Add RSS feeds: Add an RSS feed. You can
read RSS feeds using Google Reader.